Technoacque stands as a "chemical engineering company" specialized in environmental protection and ecological plants' design.
The services that Technoacque provides with success are:

  • technical assistance on chemical treatments dof industrial water for heating and cooling circuits;
  • design and construction of plants for the treatment of primary water;
  • maintenance of water treatment plants;
  • technical management of chemical-physical and biological heating and purification systems;
  • chemical analysis of environmental water and flue gas;
  • chemical descalings of equipments and industrial installations;


in addition to the production of:

  • specific chemicals for the treatment of industry's process and waste water (antifouling, anticorrosion, conditioning agents, bactericides, de-emulsifiers, deodorizing, anti-foaming agents, and others);
  • specific chemicals for the treatment of civil water (antifouling, anticorrosion antilegionella, disinfectants and others)

CERTIFIED COMPANY ISO 9001:2015 – ISO 45001:2018 – ISO 14001:2015