The project

Technoacque was involved for the implementation of an integrated system to manage the high water hardness, approximately measured at 80 ° French degrees, while simultaneously preserving the integrity of the pipelines.

The challenge

The challenge to address was to mitigate the hardness of treated water, prevent the formation of unwanted deposits, and ensure effective disinfection to preserve the health of pipelines and maintain the quality of water distributed to users.

The solution

The proposed solution included two main phases: the use of a softening system to remove calcium and magnesium ions responsible for water hardness, with continuous hardness monitoring through advanced sensors and automatic adjustment to maintain desired parameters consistently. Additionally, the implementation of a chlorine dosing system was introduced to ensure proper disinfection while simultaneously preserving the integrity of the pipelines.

  • Water consumption reduced by 10 to 20%

  • Decreased CO2 emission by 100 tons – equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by more than 4,000 trees a year

  • 50% reduction in operational costs and maintenance activities

Our commitment is to guarantee regular and economical operation of the plants as well as an optimal development of processes that require water,
at the lowest overall cost possible. All chemical treatments are optimized and monitored over
time by our specialised technicians located throughout the Italian territory.

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