A new approach in process water treatment: an integrated treatment program by Technoacque

Optimizing the management of primary water within industrial plants to minimise the environmental footprint, ensure energy efficiency, streamline production processes, and elevate the quality of finished products. Technoacque has developed an integrated treatment program to support companies in achieving their environmental goals and embracing an ecological transition, through the [...]

Encrustations and corrosion: prevention is better than cure!

Feed water treatments are designed to prevent the formation of calcareous deposits and the occurrence of corrosion. Despite the two phenomena (scale and corrosion) being separated, the problem is to be considered unique and interconnected because the limestone deposits often facilitate the emergence of new corrosive phenomena. ENCRUSTATIONS: WHAT ARE [...]

Optimal practices for quality steam in the food industry

The quality of steam in the food industry is a critical element, especially when it comes into direct contact with food. It is essential to take all necessary measures to ensure that, during installation, control and maintenance of steam generators, steam is always of the appropriate degree of purity. Steam [...]

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