The project

The Technoacque project involved the adaptation and optimization of the wastewater treatment plant at the production facility, with a specific focus on both the inlet and outlet phases of water. This included the implementation of a suitable water treatment process at the steam generator inlet.

The challenge

The facility needed to bring its wastewater treatment plant in line with environmental regulations, ensuring compliance with permitted pollutant levels in the effluent. At the same time, there was a crucial need for continuous monitoring of the water quality at the steam generator inlet. This was essential to uphold production standards and facilitate prompt interventions in case of any deviations.

The solution

The Technoacque project initially involved the removal of coarse solids through primary treatments. Subsequently, advanced technologies such as membrane filters, adsorbents, and advanced oxidation processes were employed to eliminate residual water contaminants. Continuous monitoring systems were implemented to ensure compliance with environmental standards and the efficient operation of the plant.

  • Freshwater consumption reduced by over 40%

  • Steam boiler protection

Our commitment is to guarantee regular and economical operation of the plants as well as an optimal development of processes that require water,
at the lowest overall cost possible. All chemical treatments are optimized and monitored over
time by our specialised technicians located throughout the Italian territory.

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