The project

Technoacque has been involved in the conditioning of boiler water, managing both a water tube heat recovery system and a smoke tube burner. Moreover, they have been responsible for the chemical conditioning of well water before it is introduced into the reverse osmosis plant.

The challenge

Before the collaboration with Technoacque, the Essity plant in Capannori, located in the province of Lucca, often faced challenges with the water conditioning in the recovery boiler, which occasionally exhibited a reddish tint.


The challenge was to maintain the chemical-physical parameters of the boiler water within appropriate guidelines and find an effective antiscalant for the reverse osmosis plant.


Through collaboration with the area technician, Essity finally identified the right product and concentration to permanently solve this issue.

The solution

From the beginning, the proposed solutions have been highly effective and progressively improved, thanks to the ongoing dialogue with Technoacque technicians. Currently, the plant performs within all required parameters, gradually minimizing continuous boiler purges in the facility over time.


Especially concerning the boiler water conditioning, having correct parameters has been crucial to ensure proper boiler maintenance and prevent damages that could impact both economically and productively.

  • Energy and water costs reduced by 30%

  • Steam boiler protection

  • 65% reduction in maintenance costs

Our commitment is to guarantee regular and economical operation of the plants as well as an optimal development of processes that require water,
at the lowest overall cost possible. All chemical treatments are optimized and monitored over
time by our specialised technicians located throughout the Italian territory.

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