The project

The Technoacque project involved the implementation of a reverse osmosis plant dedicated to providing high-purity feed water for a trigeneration system.

The trigeneration system is designed for the simultaneous production of electrical energy, thermal energy, and refrigeration, aiming to meet the energy needs of the plastic molding production process.

The challenge

The initial context posed significant challenges related to water supply, which were addressed through a technical approach aimed at limiting consumption and achieving higher quality levels.

The solution

The adopted strategy involved the design and implementation of a reverse osmosis (RO) plant conceived as a high-purity water supply system in synergy with the trigeneration system.

The configuration of the highly efficient trigeneration system, designed for high yields in electrical energy, thermal energy, and refrigeration, witnessed synergistic integration with the RO system to optimize water consumption and maximize the overall energy efficiency of the system.

  • 20.000 m3 freshwater saved – equivalent to the annual drinking water needs of more than 25.000 people

  • Approximately 4250 MWh of energy saved

Our commitment is to guarantee regular and economical operation of the plants as well as an optimal development of processes that require water,
at the lowest overall cost possible. All chemical treatments are optimized and monitored over
time by our specialised technicians located throughout the Italian territory.

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